Giraffes gunned down for family holiday ‘fun’!

A FAMILY poses for a happy holiday snap - standing proudly beside the giraffe they have just shot dead for sport.Tourists like these are paying tens of thousands of pounds to legally hunt giraffe, the elegant, gentle giants of the animal kingdom.

Many take the animals’ heads home as a sick trophy of their African “adventure”.

Giraffe expert Dr Julian Fennessey said: “Some come from Britain but the big majority are from North America, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. Some hunters just like to have photos taken next to the dead giraffe. But others pay taxidermists to mount the head so they can take them home as a souvenir. Or they might want to take the skin.”

The hunters pay up to £10,000 for the giraffe-hunting expeditions, which target the larger males. Safari clubs and game reserves ask for a £1,500 trophy fee and add £1,000 a day for guides and trackers.

The giraffe population has nearly halved since 1988 — falling from more than 140,000 to fewer than 80,000.

They are now thought to be extinct in places such as Angola, Mali and Nigeria. But in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe it is still legal to hunt them.

Joe Duckworth, of The League Against Cruel Sports, said: “It is immensely selfish to kill these animals. It beggars belief some people find it acceptable to kill them to have their picture with the dead animal.”

Did you know that they are offering you a hunting trip to kill lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, giraffes, etc… just for fun?

You can choose whatever animal you like. Most, if not all of the animals are there. The smaller ones can be shot with a bow.

Price for Giraffe: $ 3800
Price for Elephant: $ 34 000
Price for male Lion: $ 22 000
or why not kill a Zebra for just: $ 1750!

If you agree with us that this needs to stop, please sign the petition here:

I’m sharing this from Facebook because it’s really fucked up and I want every single one of you to sign this petition, too. I don’t have that many followers, but reblog the hell out of this until every person on tumblr has signed it.

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